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👤 Buddy info: Kænchii

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about mee<3

hewwooo, i'm kanchii-pronouns are he/they (yuss, I'm non binary)
-21 years old
-infp 2w1
-artist as a hobby; I use a Parblo tablet, and MSPaint to draw <33


-I do not have open commisions
-All u need to know about me is here, we don't have to be frends
-I won't take drawing request, unless I ask you
-Native language is spanish, sl is english, I'm currently studying japanese
-I'm always on art block, so don't expect a lot from me


x Homophobic (or against any member of the LGBT+ member)
x Racist/Xenophobic
x MAP/Pedo/Lolicon
x Fcking Oyasumi Punpun enjoyer
x Cis/heterosexual male
x Have weird/sick fetish (yeah u know what am talking about)


<3 cores (weirdcore, webcore, nostalgiacore, y2kcore, etc)
<3 videogamesss
<3 goth culture
<3 few sitcoms, anime & cartoons
<3 old internet stuff
<3 colors pink n green
<3 bbq boneless and chicken hamburgers